I’m tempted to get all serious and misty-eyed today, but I need to comment on the Rapture, a-la Harold Camping. In case you haven’t been following, he predicted the Rapture in 1994, and was wrong.  He then set May 21, 2011 as the true date, citing a mathematical error the first time.  People have suffered for this man’s false prophesies and people have made money over them.

Sign companies happily took gobs of cash in exchange for signs being placed all over north America,   I heard on HLN that there is a retiree  in New York who spent $140,000.00 of his retirement money to warn people to repent.  I think a sandwich-board and a guy on a street corner is just about as effective.  Now what for this guy?  Will Harold Camping be buying groceries for him because the math was off again?

Then there’s what happens to our darling pets.  Apparently,  even though the movies lead us to believe that All Dogs Go To Heaven some people would like us to pay them to hedge our bets.  Eternal Earth-Bound Pets will gleefully rake in money from the *true believers*.

Harold Camping, you’re a jerk.  Stop playing with peoples emotions.  You have made a joke of yourself, please just set these poor people free of your manipulating grip and retire.  Maybe to the old Heaven’s Gate mansion.  I wonder if it’s for sale?

On the other hand, maybe it happened.  Maybe none of us were good enough and life goes on, as it was then, as it is now, as it ever shall be…

Love & Martinis!