A mom who is the daughter of a storyteller.  He always said that you could never have too much rope.
I hope to be able to live up to my memories of him.  The best memory I have right now is that not only has he actually danced in the rain, he got naked, grabbed a bar of soap and used the rain to clean up instead of bemoaning the fact that his campground was flooding.  Now THAT’S taking lemons & making lemonade!

He was a man of many sayings, “You can never have to0 much rope” is one, “I’m busier than a cat trying to scratch shit into a marble floor” was another!  Some he borrowed from others, that last one I’m pretty damn sure he made up all on his own.  If someone has proof otherwise, I’ll be glad to share credit!

Jon Bon Jovi also deserves credit for writing the lyrics to my life.  Everyone interprets songs their own ways, and he always seems to come up with lyrics that hit me right there, you know?

As much as I am not a friend of organized religion of any sorts that does not mean I don’t have faith.  It just means that I, personally, don’t feel I have to pay someone else to be forgiven and to find peace.  I’m also cool with people who find the sense of community that they need in a church.

That said, this song is not about religion (from my perspective) but of inner strength.  We never know how strong we are until we have to be.

  •  Bells of Freedom (Have a Nice Day 2005)

    I have walked all alone
    On these streets, I call home
    Streets of hope, streets of fear
    Through the sidewalk cracks
    Time dissapears
    I was lost, on my knees
    On the eve of defeat
    As I choked back the tears
    There’s a silent scream no-one could hear

    So far away from everything, you know it’s true
    Something inside that makes you know what you’ve got to do

    Ring the bells, ring them loud
    Let them ring here and now
    Just reach out and ring the bells of freedom
    When your world’s crashing down like you’ve lost every round
    Stand your ground
    And ring the bells of freedom

    Up the steps of the church
    Through the fields in the dirt
    In the dark I have seen
    That the sun still shines for the one who believed

    So far away, so full of doubt, you needed proof
    Just close your eyes, and hear the sound inside of you