I am a mom who is the daughter of a storyteller.  He always said that you could never have too much rope.
I hope to be able to live up to my memories of him.  The best memory I have right now is that not only has he actually danced in the rain, he got naked, grabbed a bar of soap and used the rain to clean up instead of bemoaning the fact that his campground was flooding.  Now THAT’S taking lemons & making lemonade!

He was a man of many sayings, “You can never have too much rope” is one, “I’m busier than a cat trying to scratch shit into a marble floor” was another!  Some he borrowed from others, that last one I’m pretty damn sure he made up all on his own.  If someone has proof otherwise, I’ll be glad to share credit!

I battle fibromyalgia, osteo-arthritis, TMJD (My jaw joint is deteriorating), PTSD, major anxiety disorder, depression, insomnia, nightmares, have crazy anxiety attacks and still find time to read Stephen King and cook a mean green Thai Curry.