I sit here now in my big pink fluffy robe that my son picked out for Mother’s Day many moons ago.  Dear Husband was trying to show our Bug the pretty, silky lounging pajamas he knew I would like, but no. Bug had his entire body snuggled in the rack of long, soft fuzzy robes that he declared “feel just like Doggiebaby!”  That was it, one pink fuzzy robe please!

Doggiebaby was a gift from a great Aunt he hadn’t yet met, but in the future will grow to love.  She gave it to him for his first Christmas.  Being a late October baby, Doggiebaby pretty much started life with him.  He was always the most beloved of the bed-buddies and sleep would never be a choice without him.

That he wanted his mommy wrapped up in “Doggiebaby Love” with this robe was an act that he unquestionably understood Mother’s Day, even at 3, or 4, whichever year it was.  He wanted to pass on the safety and security of his buddy to Mommy.

By now, the robe isn’t as fluffy anymore, and neither is Doggiebaby.  They’ve both gone through many wash cycles, been thrown up on, cried on, snuggled with and are still reliable Sunday morning companions.  Doggiebaby is the Velveteen Rabbit, but Bug hasn’t discarded him and forgotten his magic.  He just stays around, in his custom made bed beside Bug’s big one, knowing that every so often, even an 11 year old boy needs to reach out to old comfortable safety.

But that isn’t what I started out to write?!  I guess the thought of having a new baby coming into our family of friends has me going all mushy and remebery (it’s a word if I say it is!).  Playing with the girls yesterday (can’t call them “the babies” at 2 & 3 anymore) and hearing a wonderful pregnancy announcement makes me want to take that Bug of mine, big boy that he his, and wrap him in my Doggiebaby robe and sing;

I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

As long as I’m living

my baby you’ll be.

Thanks Robert Munsch, the book Love You Forever is the tune of my life…

The big one on the right is Junior.  The small, overly loved one is Doggiebaby.  They started out in the Ty factory the same size and colour, so you can see the Velveteen Rabbit effect on the original one.